Hi there! So this is going to be a little bit about what it was like for me to go from a completely normal middle school to becoming what seemed like a prisoner in my own home, all day.

During fall break when COVID started. At first I did not care that much about COVID. I was still going to the park and going for walk, also I would watch TV it felt like oki YAY this is going to be fun I will get A LOT of free time even when I go back to ‘school’. I was very wrong!

Two weeks later ‘school’ started back it was virtual. It was not at all like what I was used to but I still was thinking oki it is going to get easier, and it is only confusing now. Once again I was wrong! (VERY WRONG) So I continued thinking ‘school’ WILL get easier I won’t have to work until late at night still. Also I would get to go to the park sometimes, and sometimes horseback riding.

About a month later I had finally sort of understood what ‘school’ was going to be like. And it was BAD VERY BAD! I mean I would stay up late and have to go to all of these calls, and write all of these emails to my teachers saying that I don’t understand. So I would end up grinding to finish homework quicker. Also I would have to reread the directions again and again. ( IT WAS HORRIBLE) Plus we could no longer go to the park IT WAS SO SAD.

About four months later I was still grinding on my homework. I was no longer stopped from going to the park. And I started horseback riding it was amazing. Later I think the COVID started to spread and we were prisoners in our homes again. I was stuck like that until the end of the school ended.

School ended, and things were getting better. I was no longer overwhelmed. So the first weeks were good I had nothing to do but relax and watch TV. But then I got boring VERY BORING. I had a whole day and nothing to do! I remember just how boring quarantine was. Then the pool opened up but we could only go 2-3 days a week. Everything got more bare able. I continued with horseback riding, and I was getting good, it was fun.

Sometime later, things started to go back to somewhat normal. I have continued with horseback riding, and school is not longer completely virtual. Oki so that is all for now thank you for reading my blog post. Bye!


5 things dogs don’t need!!!!!

Hi guys!!!

Welcome back so to end this year of blogging I’m going to talk to you about 5 of the most expensive items for you puppy. And they don’t need. These price tags are extremely extra high! Okay so let’s get started!!

1.Puppy Tiara

So this is the first of all of top seven most expensive items for your puppy that they don’t need.

It Is worth a outrageous $4.2 million dollars. Like what!

Well it is worth so much all thanks to how it has 250 carats of diamonds and some emeralds all over this puppy tiara.

I don’t even get what it’s use is like why would you pay that much just for a probably super heavy tiara for a dog. I know my dogs don’t need this!!! At all ever.

2. Amour, Amour dog collar

This is so far the world’s most expensive dog collar ever recorded in google data .

So this dog collar is worth a astounding $3.2 million dollars.

And it is just a collar! Okay no that is wrong it is a 54 carat diamond dog collar.

But I have noticed that like most of these item are for female dog not really much expensive stuff for the boy dogs.

Also this collar is made for a small dog like in the picture below.

All though this is cool to look at in a photo I am still do not like it at all for a dog like it has 54 carats of diamonds. For a small dog to have to wear a collar like this is just not fun for them!

3. La Jeune Tulipe Diamond dog Collar

Did you know that this collar is actually the same type of collar that the Queen of England has her dogs wear.

I can see why she likes this collar for her dogs it does not seam as heave!!!!

Also did you know this is worth 150,00


4. two bed room dog house

So the third most expensive item is a dog house that is worth a “very small” $417,00.

This luxuries dog house has ever thing your pet puppy will like ever need. For example it has lighting, 52 inch tv, temperature controlled daybeds, and automatic food and water dispensers.

It is just like a house but for dogs!!!!!

It is so modern and cool like now I kinda want it!

Lucky for boy dogs and puppies this is not well manly only for girl dogs.

So is it or is it not worth it? I say yes.

5. a LV dog carrier

Okay this is the third most expensive item for your dog that they well like never need.

But it exists anyway. After all some dogs or puppies just are worth this $58,000 much money.

Personally I like this item much better than the puppy tiara.

Because this dog carrier has air vents for your pets happiness and includes a spot for your pet’s food and water to be held.

So this pet carrier for some of the lucky pet’s in the world is actually not just for looks and a photo -shoot of your puppy or dog!!

 Yes so that is it for my last hopefully ever blog!!!!!!

So Bye!!!




Hey guys!

So today I am going to taking about alpacas.

So let’s get right on in to it!


Okay so here are some cool facts about alpacas…

Did you know that alpacas have such puffy and fluffy fur that makes they look like a adorable plushy, or do they find out at the end.

By the way you mite not have known this but a alpacas fur is able to keep them warm in the snowy montians that they come from but also keep them cool on a hot summer day. Yay I do not get it either!

Ohh and you mite be wondering what is the difference between a alpaca and a llama well they are family but they are also kinda different.

For example okay so first is that alpacas have been breed for their fibers as for llamas witch they have been breed over the years for there working abilities.

Secondly alpacas are shorter (36 inches) than mostly all llamas ( 46 inches)but who knows their just mite be some the of llama that is shorter, also alpacas can weigh like 150 pounds as for llamas weigh about 400 pounds.

Third did you know that their are two different types of alpacas they are call: Suri and Huacaya. The  Suri is the rarer type of alpaca it’s hair is more shaggy, as for the normal Huacaya alpacas are your typical  super soft, puffy, fluffy alpacas.

Okay so now let’s move on to what they act like in general….

They are typical very curious  and very friendly. Did you know that a baby alpaca is called a crai.

Alpacas like to eat hay or grass around two pounds a day not very much compared to some of my dogs. Plus alpacas are 100% herbivores. They can also eat leaves bark (eww) though they do not eat that like ever.

Did you know that alpacas are very fun and friendly, also they do not spit like llamas but if they think they are a danger or just in a very bad situation they will. But they are definitely not as bad as a llama would be. So thats good!

Alpacas can live up to 20 years but are typically around 15-20 years.

Plus alpacas are not dangers at all they are acutely very pleasant to be around. Also they do not like ever bump in to a child, and they do not bite but even if they were to bite some one it would not hurt any one because they do not have sharp teeth at all.

It”s the time were I ask you questions for my post and you try to answer them….


1. What are the two types of alpacas in the world?

2. What is the rarest type of alpaca breed ever?

3. What do you call baby alpacas?

4. What does your normal alpaca eat?

5. How many pounds of food do they have a day?

6. How long is the typical life span of a alpaca?


Please leave your answers in the comments!!!

(by the way you do not need to answer all of them)


Bye guy!!!!!!!!!


Fennec Foxes!!!!

Hi everyone!

And welcome back so today I am going to be talking about…

fennec foxes they are technically Illegal in North Carolina. So let’s get straight on in to it!


1. Fennec fox!!!

So you may wonder what I mean by technically Illegal in North Carolina?

Ok so you could have a fennec fox if you had permeant for one of these little foxes. You would get a permeant only if you are for example, at a zoo or a like animal rescue center. Pretty much you can not own a fennec fox for your self.

It’s now time for the fun facts to start !

Did you know that fennec foxes are just like dogs?

Also fennec foxes eat berries  and fruit  but also a fennec fox can go a long time without water, because of how they are naturally from the wild deserts in Arizona sandy Sahara and elsewhere in North Africa.

Plus when fennec foxes are just kits there big ears make them look like a baby bunny.

Did you know that fennec foxes are the very smallest foxes in the world, for when they are a adult they are around 10 inches tall they also have big ears for just a small little animal. Fluffles my dog is still smaller  though.

Okay though let’s continue for a little bit longer.

I think fennec foxes are so cute and I wish I could have one, but I would never like to take these animals away from there homes. So what do you think about fennec foxes??






Okay so today I am going to be talking about hedgehogs.

And how it would be like to have one as a pet. So let’s get right to it!


What would it be like to have a hedgehog as a pet? One of these little critters will weigh around 1 pound. And they are like 6 to 8 inches in length that is around the length of a dollar bill. But first to even get a one as a pet you must be able to spend about 70
all the way up to 250 dollars just to get the hedgehog. Even though it is not very expensive to just buy one of these little critters it is usually more pricey to get the needs for the hedgehog. For example one of these little critters has to have a high quality cat food, a nicely sized cage, bedding for the  of the cage, hiding space, litter box, litter, water bottle, food bowls, toys, and last but certain not least a playpen. They really are very needy for such a little critter right?

So know you know a lot about what it takes to own one of these adorable little critters. Let’s talk a little about what they act like. For example they are naturally shy and can be easily frittered by strangers. Plus they also love to play and eat! Hedgehogs love to play. With what you may ask? With thing like this for example ping pong balls, small sized  balls with a bell in side, and also a little plushie it can be rare though.So what do you think about these cute little critters?(Please comment what you think about hedgehogs) I think these little critters are very cute  and are super adorable!!!


Good Big Dog Pets

Hi again. So today I am going to be going over some big dogs and their personalities.


1. King shepherd

Okay so you may ask what is the difference  between a king shepherd and a german Shepherd. So the answer to that is a king shepherd is just a  bigger dog then the rest. For example a king shepherd’s weight can be typically 90 to 150 pounds which is equivalent to 41 up to 69 kilograms. But the German shepherd’s weight can be down to 66 or up to 88 pounds for a male, and for a female it is around 49 to 71 pounds.

But now n to the cool stuff, this dog’s personality. So let’s get started! So a king shepherd is very protective and are very friendly. Plus playful so if you ever want to think about getting this type of dog you should have a big area for it loves to play and have walks.

Fun fact this dog can run up to 30miles a hour that is acutely pretty fast compared to the average dog that can only run up to 19 mile a hour.






2. Border Collie

This is a Border Collie. This dog is a very smart and very kind.

Also they are very easy to train. Border Collie need a ton of exercise like 4 walks or a very long one.

Plus they can be a amazing watch dog. For example they will warn their owner or owners if they think there is a threat.

Another thing is a Border Collie can have two eyes of different colors like a Australian shepherd.



Here are some honorable mintons: Golden retriever and Lowchen


Please comment below if you think I should do a part 2 and include this dog breeds!!!


Weird things about my dogs!!!!!!

Hi again.

So today I am going to be talking about…

Some weird things that my dogs do.

Let’s get started!!


1. Lulu

Lulu the yes well feisty.  She is a yorkie.

Okay so here are some weird things about her feisty self. Let me start at the beginning of Lulu and feisty self’s weird thing. So first of her weird things is that her feisty self has to be the only one aloud to eat. Like literally she will just sit right in front of the food or just nap on it. Plus her feisty-ness self well start to just gobble down all the food when any of the other dogs, just look at her. Gobble gobble!


2. Nugget

Nugget or as my dad calls him Nuggeto! I am just going to call him Nugget.

By the way we rescued him so he is very unique in a different way.

So let us start! Well it is pretty obvious that one of his weird things…. Is well he has a diaper. Plus Nugget was unfortunately born with a different or unique tail. My family and I personally think he is a mix of a Chihuahua and a Corgi. But we love him even though he is different. Nugget is always kind, nice, plus loving!


Q & A

1. Lulu             2. Nugget


A. Is Lulu             A. Did we

a greedy dog        adopted him


C. Is Lulu a          C. Did we

very greedy dog    buy Nugget


D. Is Lulu             D. Did we

a rude dog           rescue him







Pipo’s Story!!!

Okay so today,

I am going to talk to you about

my grandparents’ puppy from Bolivia.

So this is Pipo!

age: two years old now (images below)

Pipo used to be a orphan! Pipo was not very well loved puppy before my grandparents adopted him. Also now he is a well loved puppy by both of my grandparents from Bolivia. Now Pipo is a very protective for his parents , technically my abuelita and abuelito. They love to spoil Pipo with love, affection, and  he loves it in their home. Though there  is one thing Pipo does not tell for he has a definite favorite out of the two. Because abuelito gravely give him all his leftover food, for all of his four meals. Plus a Pipo fact he loves to have baths, though mainly from abuelito. But abuelita get a time to shine too. For when she comes back from her long day of work Pipo give out a tun of love to her for he missed his mommy! Also Pipo loves naps and well bed, so he ends up going to bed very early.

Also Pipo is a playful puppy! Even though he loves his naps and bed, he is also a very active and playful puppy. Pipo is also a fan for running, and loves most of all in his active play he likes to play fetch. Pipo is now having fun play, and well mainly sleeping! 




My dog Fluffles!

Hi people of the world so

as the title says I am going

to be talking about my dog Fluffles!

Okay so this is my dog Fluffles she is about

ten inches tall ,and she weighs 3 and 1/2 pounds.

Also my poodle Fluffles is very proper ,playful ,loving ,loyal

and much much more.

And my dog Fluffles is obsessed with her ball! So do not ever

 encourage her to start. Plus she is like way obsessed with my 

beanbag chair as you can see in the image.

But my poodle Fluffles is not just any ordinary poodle she is a escape artist.

For example Fluffles can escape to my bedroom when ever she wants.

She does it by…



1. Firstly becoming as flat as she can so that she can slide her flat little poodle self under this area (image below)


2. Okay so secondly my poodle also known as Fluffles the escape artist has to then go up the stairs. And then Fluffles is once again faced with a nother obstacle interfering with her path to my bedroom. So to get to my bedroom Fluffles then has to turn flat again and go through the little side holes and all that to get to my bedroom to be with me.

So as you see my little poodle Fluffles is a very intelligent little dog and she is a amazing dogie!


A tribute to Boo

Okay, if you didn’t know, Boo used to be wold’s cutest dog. Boo is also known for having a teddy bear haircut. Boo was born with a smaller than normal mouth for a dog his breed and a tongue longer than average.  Which made his tongue stick out in an adorable way.

Boo was born in March 16, 2006.  He died a few days ago on January 18, 2019 at the age of 12, which is equivalent to 84 years old in dog years.  He was very photogenic and loved playing with his brother Buddy who died a year before.  People believe that Boo died of a broken heart because he lost Buddy.  Boo had 17 million Instagram followers before he past away. Book has a book after him called:

Boo: The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog

Boo always liked to wear clothes of any kind. He was known worldwide for his adorably cute style.  Boo has many plushies made after him.


So how did Boo become the cutest dog in the world you ask?  — Every body thinks that their own dog is the cutest, but the world decided otherwise.  Boo’s owner works at a social media company and when Boo was 4 years old, the owner decided to make him his own social media page and the rest is history!