I tried out the stock market

I tried out the stock market, it was a class activity. Okay but why was it a class activity well it was because my Language Arts class was reading Westing Game. And in Westing Game there is the girl she is one of the main character, and she tries out the stock market. So we as a class decided to try it out while reading about a girl (her name is Turtle) and we decided to do it with her as we read the book.

I filled out this sheet and faked investing 20k in stocks of my choosing. My Language Arts teacher brought in another teacher, Mrs. Sprauge, to help us set up are formulas to track how much we would have won or lost. I ended up with a positive amount.


Ted Talk

I did a Ted talk in my class, about first impressions. Also as a class we learned how to properly make a presentation using Chris Anderson’s book. The book was very insightful. My presentation was very fun because of how it was super informal. How did I make my presentation. First off I made a script by researching all about first impressions. I like to take information from colleges like Oxford and Harvard also websites that are scientific. Well next I made my own slide backgrounds. I decided to incorporate black into the background to draw my peers in and it was mentioned in the book. Then I put my script onto the background and added photos that were not copyrighted. Once I was done with my presentation I wrote down my script on index cards.

Then came the fun bit where I had to present my presentation. But before I could I had to present my presentation to one of my friends so I could prepare.  Then I presented it was very fun and I do very well believe I did a good job.


Also, by the way I only had two weeks to do all of this.


My Story

I MADE A STORY! Okay it is not currently done, but still it is close to done. This was a school assignment for Language Arts. We had a nice published author come in and help us make our stories. The author helped me write my also done book is named Frances Dowell. You may know of her she makes good books.


*What are the parts of a story that you learned from Frances and how did you you use them in your story (e.g., start with What if? opening action scene, background check, sticks and stones, big monster problem, resolution). I am proud of my story for after all I wrote a a lot. I did do many things I never did before and were fun, but I will not continue to make stories.


My art work was in a gallery!

Hi! I made a tree book.

You can see what it looks like through the photo below. I am going to be
going over how I made my tree book. The process of making this tree book took two months. My class and I began on the work of are tree book the week of March 15th until May 15 when my class and our tree books were done. To make are tree books we enlisted the help of artist Peg Gignoux. (Her websitehttps://gignouxart.com/)

The first step in making our tree books was screen printing. What is screen printing it is when you use a brayer and roll on paint using stencils. Then we folded some big paper to look like a tree. Next was probably one of my favorite parts when we did akua ink. Akua ink is organic paint. We put an jelly like mat and added something out to it then put akua ink and and brayed it onto paper. We did a lot of akua painting. With all of those papers we collaged them onto are tree books. Then came stuff to put into are 3 pockets that we made for are tree book. First was a Salute to My Roots which if you don’t know is where the class choose people who they write a paragraph about, it can be more than one person. That was the first pocket completed. The second pocket was next, we made a life list of all the things we wanted to complete. Then third was a when this is over (Corona) poem. Then came the finally touches to add a wish to my tree book. After we where done with are tree book and they were getting ready to be sent to an art gallery we started the book Wishtree by Katherine Applegate. Finally, my book was in Frank Gallery. (Frank Galleries website https://www.frankisart.com/)Unfortunately I was not able to share my tree book with anyone that day because I had violin.


Window or Mirror

The book I choose to look at is called A Passion for Horses. So first let me explain how a window and mirror relates to books. Well, window means to look on upon the book as for mirror it is to relate to the book and story.

Okay so know that you know what window and mirror means. How do I see the book A Passion for Horses? I personally see the book as both a window and mirror. First off why do I see this book as a window, well that is sort of easy to explain because I look upon the horses in the story.

But now for the most interesting part why do I relate to the book? I relate to the book because I do horseback riding, so I know some of the breeds and facts that are in the book.

Well let me give you a little bit into the book. The book is about all different types of horses and facts on each of the breeds of them. Well thank you for reading this if you even got this far. Bye!


My Daily Habit

So what is a daily habit? Well, I think the name gives it away, it is a habit that you try to do daily. My daily habit was stretching and memory games. I chose it because I wanted to increase my flexibility and memory. I have discovered that the more you do it something the better you get at it. I can do a cartwheel again. I am more flexible in general. I have gained some flexibility from my habit also I have increased my memory by a bit.I will probably change my habit up partially but I will keep part of my habit. My new habit is going to be stretching that is the part that I am going to keep.



I think that if I were to be a punctuation mark I would be a question mark. Why would I be a question mark you ask? Well that is easy, the reason I think I would be a  question mark is because I love to ask questions. What sort
of questions do I use you say? Well if you really must know what I question then sure I guess. You got yourself into this just saying… Let me get started on this long list of questions for you. First of one of the biggest questions of all Why? How? Like how does the world work in the universe? Then when I think of the we move on to theoretical physics. Then I go into quantum physics and mechanics. Then I can start to think about Fibonacci sequences. Then I just go in deeper to the questions. That is just the question that I ask sometimes. But of course I have different questions to ask. Like thinking when willing I get to level 4 in ballet. That is why I would consider myself as a question mark.


My Comic

This is my comic. It is about how this smuggler goes to the security with hay and a donkey. The security guard knows that the smuggler is smuggling something but can’t find out what. After the guard retired, he find the smuggler at a market and asked what were you smuggling. The smuggler replies donkeys. I used Sketchbook and Comic Life to make this comic.


My Daily Habit

Oki Hi again people of this universe. So what is a daily habit? A daily habit is pretty self explanatory it is a habit that you have to do daily. Well, what is my daily habit right now? My daily habit so far has been horseback riding exercises but I am planning on changing it to be about simple things to help improve my memory.

Does a daily habit actually work? Yes it does, I know that because last year I did a planking daily habit. We started out with 30 seconds and at the end of the month we got all the way up to around 4 minutes. You may not think it is that much but it is a lot. Would you want to do a daily habit? It could be anything. If so, I challenge you to try it out!